Book Club Reads About High Incarceration Rate

America’s high incarceration rate is the subject of a book that WTB Book Club will be discussing Monday night, Aug. 25.   It’s  The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness by Michelle Alexander and Cornell West.

Here is a portion of the review by the New York Review of Books:  “Now and then a book comes along that might in time touch the public and educate social commentators, policymakers, and politicians about a glaring wrong that we have been living with that we also somehow don’t know how to face. The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness by Michelle Alexander is such a work.”

If you are interested in attending, contact Jennifer Crittendon at 633-2817.

We enjoyed getting to know each other better. A special treat was renewing friendship with Smita Rane (shown in middle in pink), a former council member, now living in India.

Big Group Comes Out For Schmai

Seventeen WTB women met June 17 at the restaurant at Green Lakes State Park for good food, generous conversation and a gorgeous view of the park. It was another of our Schmai time, an informal time to visit and get to know each other better.

Special guest of the evening was Smita Rane, former Council member, who was visiting from India.

Most first-timers were amazed that these beautiful, multi-acre gardens are located in Marcellus. WTB gets to use them for a day.

WTB Toured  Sycamore Hill Gardens

Very few people get to see the beautiful private gardens in Marcellus, Sycamore Hill Gardens, but WTB again was one of a few select groups who were offered a one-day fund-raising opportunity to allow members to tour the beautifully landscaped area. We enjoyed walking, meditation and sightseeing on Sunday, May 18.

It’s amazing how this family has developed former farmland into such a beautiful place of rest and peace — and right in our area.

Money raised supports both WTB and the  Interreligious Food Consortium, an umbrella agency for more than 70 food pantries and meal sites throughout Onondaga County.

WTB Leadership Elected

Joy Pople (right), continues as president. Here she works on Kolam designs, which we learned about at our March meeting, with Yoko Kise, a first-timer.

It’s official. The votes are in and the whole slate proposed by the Nominations Committee has been elected by email ballots.  Thanks to all who will be leading us for the future.  We elected  Joy Pople  to continue as WTB President. Nominated to serve with her are:

  • Vice-President – Edith Washington
  • Council secretary – Carol Lipson
  • Sunday secretary – Barbara Bova
  • Corresponding secretary – Tanya Atwood-Adams
  • Treasurer – Eve Tamela

The other members of the leadership team,  the WTB Council, are: Carole Bildstein, Daryl Files, Penny Hart, Saro Kumar, Patricia Pellenz, Vivian Summerville, Lisa Warnecke, Danya Wellmon, Shirley Wells, Betsy Wiggins.

Women who have agree to serve on the Advisory Board, all of whom are previous officers or Council members are: Muna Alany, Judy Antoine, Joan Burstyn, Jennifer Crittenden, Barbara Fought, Jan Garman,Terra Harmatuk, Luann Healy, Betty Lamb, Patti McGuire, Gay Montague, Ann Port, Sabra Reichardt, Sue Savion, Liz Spence, Cara Steiner, Peggy Thompson, Chris Welch, and Rosalie Young.

Many thanks to all these women for their hours of service to make WTB what it is.

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