September Meeting Brings Women Together To Share Interests

Barbara Bova and Saro Kumar chat at the recent WTB meeting.

What if we scheduled our visits to various houses of worship during a holy season for that faith group.  Or maybe we should have a program on how religion and politics affect the empowerment of women. These were two of the brainstorming ideas that came out of small groups meeting at WTB’s fall kickoff, Sept. 28 at Jowonio School. More than 30 of us gathered, first in small groups around tables to answer a series of questions so we could get to know each other.  Many murmurs of agreement and sometimes a burst of laughter echoed across the room.  After refreshments we mixed up the tables, with each group talking about a different topic for what WTB could be and do.  We discussed visits to faith locations, interfaith conversations, schmai fellowship time, collaboration with other groups and the arts. Other ideas proposed were to set up a program on what water means in various faith traditions and inviting in an artist to help us do an art project together, and ways to better build friendships through schmai time. The next meeting is Sunday, Oct. 28, 3-5 p.m. at Jowonio School, where we’ll continue the discussion and planning. Come join us to formulate theses and other ideas for some of our programs in the coming year.

Betty Lamb Elected  President

WTB officially elected Betty Lambto be  the new WTB President, filling in the term of Joy Pople, who had to step down due to many responsibilities. .  Thanks to Betty for agreeing to lead us through spring.  And thanks to Joy for all she has given to WTB. Betty has a background in both Christianity and Judaism. She taught religious education in the Roman Catholic Church and is now active at both Temple Adath Yeshurun and Temple Society of Concord. She is retired from a career in retail and education.

Next Schmai Get Together: October 16.  Sahota Palace, 668 Old Liverpool Road, in Liverpool. 5:30 p.m.


Next Book Club:  October 27 - The Earth Knows My Name: Food, Culture, and Sustainability in the Gardens of Ethnic America by Patricia Klindienst.


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